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Daniel Daley

Principal Investigator

tel +46 8 162 910


Dan was born in South Africa but moved to Australia when he was young. He studied at the University of Western Australia, where he gained a B.Sc. with First Class Honours (1996) and a PhD in Biochemistry (2001). He moved to Sweden in 2002 to do a postdoc with Gunnar von Heijne in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at Stockholm University.  In 2006 he started the lab in that same department. He is currently an Assoc. Professor as well as the founder and CEO of CloneOpt AB. Dan enjoys being outdoors in his kayak and keeping fit. He has secret ambitions to be a professional football coach.

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Patrick Shilling


tel +46 8 162 454


Patrick was born in Melbourne, Australia. He undertook a Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne, co-majoring in Biochemistry and Immunology. He continued in the field of Biochemistry and in 2008 achieved a First Class Honours, for which he obtained a research scholarship to undertake his PhD. Immediately following graduation in 2015, he moved to Sweden, in order to explore the differences in scientific approach and practice. It is here that Pat started his postdoc in the Daley lab, where he studies various aspects of protein synthesis. Outside of the lab, he enjoys the outdoors but especially snow sports such as skiing or snowboarding (although which one depends on his mood, and how willing he is to fall down).


James ‘Alister’ Cumming

PhD student

tel +46 8 162 454




Former PhD students


Filippa Stenberg Bruzell

PhD student







Kalle Skoog

PhD student






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Gianluca Maddalo

visiting PhD student






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Isolde Palombo

PhD student


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Bill Söderström

PhD student


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Hansjörg Götzke

PhD student





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Stephen Toddo

PhD student



Claudio Muheim

PhD student


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Kiavash Mirzadeh

PhD student

2013 - 2018





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Former project students


2018        Axel Bergenstråle

Zoe Köck

James ‘Alister’ Cumming

2017        Renxia Zhang

2016        Anja Blumer

                Andreas Dunge

2015        Mona Amanuel

                 Lars Nilsson

                 Johanna Hultgren

                Aurelie Haettinger

2014        Kauser Tayyab

                Suchihtra Guntur

2013        Claudio Muheim

2012        Kiavash Mirzadeh

2011        Björn Ramstedt

2010        Alexander Roux

2009        Aurelie Ducroix

2007       Mårten Hellberg

                Isolde Palombo

2006       Karl Skoog